06/20/2018 – Talk about a long over due update! I am still here, alive.. I am doing my best to pick up my activity rate but in the past couple months I have been tossed a handful of struggles. Hopefully things steady out again. In the meantime if you need to hear from me please do so by contacting me on Discord!

02/18/2018 – Fimbulvetr, an equine RPG, has joined the team! Give them a welcome, they recently transferred from jcink.

12/27/2017 – As previously mentioned, Rainorak was in progress of transferring ownership, unfortunately the new owner has not contacted me in several months to get the place finished up which means I will be taking the site completely offline and it will no longer be available. Apologies to anyone who wished to take part in the site. On to further news, a new sub site has been opened and doing quite well in activity. If you're a fan of roleplaying wolves and working towards cool accomplishments in development I suggest checking them out (Chrysalis)! It is very possible that in the next 6-8 months two or three more sites will be coming up! Stay tuned.



The name online is isoldehn but you are free to call me any short version of it: iso, sol, dehn, isl for a few examples. I am a 21 year old gal primarily active in the middle of the United States. I live life on the wild but safe side, if there is such a thing, and I enjoy every bit of time that I spend with family and friends. I have a very lovely Yorkshire Terrier by the name of Axl Rose (yes he was a Guns N' Roses inspired child). He is a spoiled rotten turd that I spend way too much time pestering and loving to the point that I'm not even sure he realizes how good he has it (as any time we leave the door open he shoots out and is a terrible time trying to catch).

I pretty much do nothing with my life, I work at a convenience store for 37 hours of my week (god forbid they give us 40 hours and have to pay benefits). I am comfortable with the way I live my life but would appreciate extra cash here and there, generally picked up through my services online.

Truly I would consider myself quite the boring person, especially for my age, but if you're curious to know more please just send me an e-mail or contact me by any of my other forms of contact listed!

Online I offer and do quite a bit of stuff throughout the RPG community! I sub quite a few different RPG's, as well as code and make scripts for those running on MyBB, I also try to help out admins in need when it comes to ideas and other site functions. I also roleplay, primarily equines but from time to time canines. If you're looking for any type of help in the RPG/MyBB section feel free to poke me! I'm more than happy to be of assistance.

Yours truly,




Necessary Evil RPG Initiative

Become an affiliate by discussing such with me through one of my means of contact!

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